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Are you on the market for a new IT position? While you may be feeling confident that your set of qualifications will land you some substantial interviews, it’s important to remember that employers are looking for professionals with a specific mix of tech skills and soft skills depending on the job. Brushing up on your existing skills – and learning new ones – can be one of the most effective ways to enhance your marketability in the candidate pool. Are you ready to improve your IT career? Here are some of the skills top companies are increasingly seeking in viable IT candidates:   

Project management

In the IT industry, strong project management is one of the most impactful skills you can have in any work environment. From productively completing projects and tasks to effectively overseeing staff on assignments, project management serves many roles in hardware development, software development, network upgrades and data management, among many other types of projects. Demonstrating your experience with project management in helping IT departments achieve specific outcomes will show potential employers how you can proactively contribute to their organizational goals.


As one of the fastest growing technical skills, coding, or computer programming, continues to be at the forefront of the IT industry. Many companies now require candidates to have a thorough understanding of coding to keep computers running properly or to work on developing software and applications. IT professionals who know how to write and test code are well equipped to handle various computer software programs on the job. That’s why knowledge of languages such as Java, JavaScript and Python will make candidates more attractive. If you don’t have much knowledge in the coding arena, it’s worth pursuing online courses to help you get up to speed with the most sought-after coding language skills in the IT industry.

Information security

As data privacy gets more attention than ever, information security continues to be one of the most important skills for IT professionals in any capacity. Candidates who know how to prevent data breaches and handle unexpected security crises are best positioned to implement the best IT security measures for their organization and successfully identify potential security threats before they have a devastating impact on their company. Taking time to refine your information security skills will help you expand your resume and give you a competitive edge over others in the candidate pool. If you are interested in expanding your career in that direction, there are specific certificates you can pursue to enhance your marketability as well.

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