How Can You Stay Current in The Tech Industry?

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Read any newspaper or magazine and you’ll be reminded that technology is constantly evolving and changing our lives. Though changes in the technology world affect everyone, they have an especially dramatic impact on the way IT professionals perform their day-to-day jobs. To thrive (and survive) in the IT industry, you must make a commitment to lifelong learning as new advancements in technology permeate the workplace and alter the way organizations operate.

As you grow in your IT career, here are some tips for staying on top of current industry developments:

Stay informed about the latest industry news.

IT pros are generally more adept at putting the latest news on their radar through use of free tools like Google alerts. Rather than manually searching for topics, be proactive and sign up for notifications that will provide you with the most current and targeted news content. In addition, take advantage of reading relevant industry magazines and blogs which feature the most current trends. Exposing yourself to industry happenings will allow you to stay informed about new products, services or upgrades – as well as anything else pertaining to your interests or specialties.

Engage in active learning.

While self-study can be a useful way to keep your knowledge and skills sharp, engaging in active learning opportunities will hold you more accountable for your growth and development. Consider attending classes, workshops or conferences where you will hear from top industry leaders. At these events, you’ll be able to collaborate and learn from like-minded professionals who may become valuable members of your network. These types of learning engagements will inspire you to think outside the box, so you can implement new systems and methods that will enhance the value you bring to your job.

Make social connections.

Because solving tech issues tends to be a very collaborative process, many IT pros benefit the most by learning from others. Take advantage of social networking and connect with colleagues on sites like Facebook and Twitter in which you can exchange ideas and share new concepts. LinkedIn is a very useful resource for insider industry news, giving you access to hundreds of professional group discussions. Leveraging social connections for the sake of learning will always have a positive impact on your IT career.

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