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Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused and productive while working from home? With more people doing their jobs remotely due to this year’s COVID-19 outbreak, professionals must train themselves on how to effectively get their work done, even with the distractions that being home can bring. From children to pets, there’s certainly no denying that a work-from-home situation can present some challenges that make it difficult to perform at a high level.

As you get used to your “new normal,” here are three key tips for staying focused while working remotely:


Establish clearly defined working hours.

Setting boundaries with your time is one of the most important steps you can take in creating a successful at-home working situation. It’s critical to establish a schedule in which you have set “work hours” at a designated area of your home (such as an office, den or basement area), and that you set expectations with your family members about your work hours. While minor interpretations may arise from time to time, sticking to a strict time of day that’s solely focused on work will be instrumental in helping you stay on track to meet all your professional commitments – and maintain a healthy work-life balance.      

Get ready for the day.

Just because a remote job doesn’t require you to go out in public doesn’t mean you should completely disregard your appearance. In many ways, the effort you put into how you dress and groom yourself each morning can affect your mindset and how well you perform. Many accomplished at-home professionals recommend ditching the sweatpants and getting dressed in workwear every day.  Dressing at least semi-professionally sets the tone for a productive workday, helping you get into a focused frame of mind in which you feel your best.  

Take micro-breaks.

Even though working at your home can be more comfortable than an office or other more formal setting, it’s still important to take small breaks throughout the day to clear your mind and decompress. Whether it’s a walk during your lunch hour or a couple of minutes away from your desk to play with a pet or have a snack, removing yourself from your workstation for intermittent, 15-minute breaks will help you regain mental clarity and keep your energy levels high.    

By embracing the tips above, you will improve the quality of your work life while setting yourself up for optimal success while performing your job remotely. Most importantly, you’ll establish a healthier, more efficient daily routine that will help you navigate challenges that may arise along the way.  

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