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If you’re actively seeking a new job, you know firsthand that the application process can become tedious. While it’s tempting to apply for every job with the same resume, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by failing to tailor your resume for each job. Make sure you’re setting yourself apart from other applicants with these tips for tailoring your resume:

Be sure you fully understand the job you’re applying for.

Too often candidates rush through the application process and neglect to appropriately adjust their resume materials according to job descriptions. When considering a job opportunity, take the time to go through the job description line by line, highlighting key responsibilities and qualifications. Pay close attention to points that speak to your specific credentials, and take note of how you can emphasize these points in your application materials, including your resume and cover letter.

Highlight your relevant experience.

Go through your resume and identify the skills and experience that are most connected to the job description’s requirements. Reformat your resume so your most relevant skills are included at the top. If the most relevant points are not included in your current position, consider listing them in a summary of bullets or specializations. Also, if it makes sense, create a new section that specifically addresses the points you’d like to showcase, such as “Project Management Experience.” Doing this will ensure you’re using target keywords and drawing special attention to the points you want noticed by the employer.

Make sure you’re qualified.

Even if a position seems like a good fit at first glance, it’s important to go back and assess whether you truly are qualified for the job. A good way to determine this is by evaluating whether or not your resume would reflect that you have an interest in the job’s overall demands and responsibilities. Your education, certifications, skills and experience should give some indication as to whether you would be a good fit. If not, consider passing on applying and focus your energy on opportunities better suited for you.

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