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In today’s IT job market, employers are seeking more than skills and expertise. They are seeking candidates with the ability to embrace change and work well with diverse teams. Being able to adapt and conform to the practices and policies of different workplaces is what sets great candidates apart from average ones, especially when it comes to IT positions.

Here are three ways you can showcase your flexibility as a top-quality IT candidate:

Innovation & Adaptability

Many organizations are in pursuit of candidates who can innovate and contribute ideas to revamp outdated processes. In a fast-paced IT department, you’ll be expected to evaluate current systems that are in place and develop more efficient means of streamlining data. Being innovative also involves embracing the unknown and not being afraid to make changes in areas that need improvement. Sharing examples of times in which you’ve implemented innovative practices and created positive change will highlight the value you bring to the table.

Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence

An ability to adapt and be flexible in the workplace is highly dependent on strong emotional intelligence skills. A big misconception is the idea that IT professionals work behind a computer screen all day and have no communication with others – this could not be further from the truth! ManyIT pros are expected to regularly interact and engage with their organization’s various departments to provide technical support and maintenance, troubleshoot and solve problems. Solving IT problems requires a keen ability to effectively assist employees with their concerns and communicate technical solutions in a way others can understand. During an interview, it’s important that you clearly demonstrate how your emotional intelligence and communication skills differentiate you from other IT candidates.

Critical Thinking

In a bustling environment, organizational goals can change at the drop of a hat. IT pros must be prepared to quickly shift their focus to solve new problems and address workplace demands as they come up. Critical thinking plays a huge role in this process, as IT pros must determine how to address unexpected challenges in a timely fashion so productivity is not compromised. Expressing critical thinking as one of your key strengths will demonstrate your ability to meet shifting organizational goals.

Ready to differentiate your IT expertise?

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