The Benefits of Contract Work

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As jobs become few and far between, many job seekers – especially those in IT – have increasingly turned to contract work to fill employment gaps and make themselves more marketable to hiring managers. There are many benefits of being a contract employee, many of which may have never crossed your mind throughout your job search. Regardless of where you are in your career, here are some of the reasons to explore working in a contract capacity in the tech sector:

Better work-life balance.

While tech jobs can be exciting and invigorating, the fast-paced nature of the IT world can result in burnout. Contract IT positions allow you to be part of the tech industry without the constant pressures that come along with a permanent full-time position, such as longer work hours and limited paid time off. With contract work, you’ll have the ability to work for temporary periods of time (often in six-month increments) and take time off as desired for personal interests, such as extended travel or vacations. This type of flexibility is often appealing to professionals who want to better balance their professional life with their personal commitments.

Continued learning and development.

One of the most underrated benefits of contract employment is the opportunity to continually learn from others in the field. Through different assignments, you’ll have the freedom to develop your skill set and learn directly from superiors, many of whom may become valuable mentors throughout your career. The exposure to new companies, challenges and workplace cultures can be extremely beneficial to both personal and professional growth and development. Over time you’ll not only acquire new skills, you’ll gain the tools and emotional intelligence to excel in any tech setting.

Full-time opportunities.

For some people, the prospect of landing a full-time position through a contract job is most attractive. Sometimes for contract employees who perform at a high level and exceed employers’ expectations, contract jobs can turn into full-time employment. With the cost of hiring and training, many companies look heavily at contract workers as potential new hires for the long term. If landing a full-time permanent role is your end goal, working hard in a contract position could result in an exciting lucrative new job. The best part is you’ll already be acclimated to the company, so you won’t have to learn the ropes!

Though contract work is not always the best fit for everyone, it’s something to consider during any professional transition or change in your life. Some IT professionals also find that this lifestyle suits them and make a career out of contract work. What is best for you? Talking to a recruiter can help you find what you’re looking for.

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