Three Red Flags Warning You to Seek a New IT Role

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Are you feeling deflated and uninspired at your current IT job? While every IT position has its ups and downs, constant feelings of negativity are a clear indicator that you may be in the wrong employment situation. Here are three red flags warning you to look for a new IT role:

You have little support.

Long-term success in the IT field is heavily based on an employee’s management team and support system. If you’re lacking guidance and mentorship within your IT role from the get-go, the chances that these circumstances will improve going forward are slim to none. Whether it be receiving assistance on a new project or having access to the resources you need to complete an assignment, on-the-job support will be essential to your success and growth in any IT role. If you are lacking this kind of support, it may be time to seek new IT employment within an organization that better prioritizes employee support on all levels.

You’re not growing professionally.

Limited professional growth is one of the most common issues experienced by dissatisfied IT employees. If it’s been months or years since you’ve either acquired new IT skills on the job or substantially expanded your IT industry knowledge, it’s safe to say your current IT job will not move your career in a meaningful direction. Upon recognizing this stagnancy, it will be important to reprioritize your professional growth by seeking out a new IT role that offers unique development opportunities, such as on-the-job training and continuing education.

You’re burned out all the time.

If you’re leaving your IT job every day feeling burnt out, take it as a clear sign that something needs to change. Although there will be seasons of stress in any IT position, a complete lack of a healthy work-life balance or feelings of constant fatigue both indicate that you’ve taken on an IT job that’s physically or mentally unhealthy for you. An IT job that allows you to achieve a positive routine in your life, both professionally and personally, will ultimately set you up for greater happiness and success in your IT career and beyond.

Assessing your current employment situation and being honest about how it makes you feel will enable you to make the best decisions for your future. When the time is right to seek out a new IT job, enlisting the help of an IT staffing agency with experienced IT recruiters will ensure that you find an IT position that best aligns with your wants and needs. Although it may be daunting, taking the leap to a more suitable IT job will be the best career move you can make.

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