Tips for Gen Z Job Seekers Joining the Job Market

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Tips for Gen Z Job Seekers

Generation Z is comprised of people born between mid-1990 and the early 2010’s. They are the first generation born into the digital age and the first generation to begin their careers in a post-pandemic workplace. So, what can the people of Gen Z expect when trying to break into a job market that is constantly being transformed by health, economic, and geopolitical factors?

Here are some career success tips for our youngest generation looking to enter the workforce.

Maintain a Growth Mindset

Committing to a career of lifelong learning, no matter the industry, will solidify you as a subject matter expert, diversify your skillset, and ensure your long-term success. Begin by identifying your skillset. Then, find areas where you can develop and strengthen these skills, and actively seek opportunities for learning and acquiring new ones.

Translate Required Skills for a Specific Job Position

Job descriptions provide more than a summary of the position. They provide keywords you, the job seeker, can use to tailor your resume and stand out among the candidate pool. Most organizations use Application Tracking Systems that are designed to quickly filter out resumes that don’t fit the criteria. Take the time to read the job description carefully and highlight your own skills so they align with those of the target position.

Build Your Personal Brand & Expand Your Network

One of Gen Z’s biggest advantages is growing up in the digital age. Their understanding of trends and the best way to utilize social media to build a personal brand will help create a professional image online that will stand out to recruiters and potential employers. Start building your brand by engaging online, sharing your ideas, participating in discussions that interest you and fostering your community.

Always Be Ready for Change

The workplace of today doesn’t resemble the workplace of five years ago. Whether it’s the post-pandemic way of life or the emerging technologies transforming the way we work, it’s essential to be adaptable and expect the unexpected. The traditional linear career path is no longer realistic or even desired by the younger generations. Be open to the various paths your career could take and be willing to find new ways to develop and grow as a multifaceted professional.

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