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When it comes to talent development, half the battle most organizations face is retaining their top IT workers. Regardless of how great your organizational processes and systems may be, you cannot operate at an optimal level without high-performing employees. Although hiring high-quality candidates is paramount, retaining them is just as important in maintaining a productive workplace. The first step to keeping employee job satisfaction high is identifying the reasons they may leave your workplace in the first place. Here are some common reasons your top talent is leaving your company for employment elsewhere:

Below-average pay.

Failing to offer your employees competitive salaries in the range of their jobs’ national average incomes is extremely detrimental to talent retention. It’s critical you conduct an annual review of all your employees’ salaries and determine where they fall in comparison to other companies’ pay scales. Neglecting to offer promotions or raises can also cause your top employees to feel deflated, prompting them to look for jobs with more advancement opportunities. For guidance with IT salary ranges, get access to our salary guide here.

Lack of opportunity.

In addition to fair pay, ambitious workers are also seeking opportunities to grow professionally in the IT field. Lack of on-site training and educational programs will stunt your employees’ growth and can result in them feeling bored or unmotivated in their current positions. Giving your employees the tools and outlets to develop their skills will keep them engaged in your organization and allow them to reach their greatest potential.

Poor culture.

Your employees’ jobs are a big part of their day-to-day lives, and they deserve to be part of a work environment that values their time and talents. Building a positive workplace culture is key to not only creating a committed team, but also retaining your talent for the long haul. Whether it’s increasing recognition of employee accomplishments or implementing fun team-building activities, improving culture is vital to all employee retention efforts.

The last thing you want is to lose your best employees to one of your competitors. Keeping the factors above in mind as you reshape your organizational practices will result in better employee relations practices, as well as an improved workplace as a whole.

What are the reasons your IT talent is leaving?

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