Making a Career Change to Tech: Leveraging Transferable Skills

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Transition to a Tech Career

Are you considering a transition to a tech career? With the tech field always evolving, many professionals are increasingly shifting to various positions in IT and other technology disciplines. Fortunately, there are many transferable skills that can be leveraged for a successful transition. Here are some of the most prevalent transferable skills to showcase as you seek new positions.

Interpersonal abilities.

Despite common misperceptions about the IT field, many tech jobs require that you work directly with others to perform daily tasks and overcome challenges. Additionally, many IT roles require employees to continually communicate with individuals in other departments of their organization to resolve technology problems, answer questions, and perform various software installations or updates. Professional and respectful communication – a skill that’s required in many jobs – is essential for thriving in the tech industry.


If you’re a strong problem-solver, you likely have the foundational skills required to excel in a tech role. Working in any IT capacity requires an ability to quickly resolve issues and identify solutions to keep an organization functioning at its best. Problem-solving is a skill acquired in many types of jobs and is one that’s especially important in a fast-paced technology setting. The most proficient tech professionals tend to be critical thinkers who can proactively address problems in a way that’s productive and effective for everyone affected by a particular situation or concern. As you apply to tech positions, be sure to demonstrate to employers your experience resolving issues and responding to challenges during previous jobs.

Project management.

If you have any form of employment history, chances are you have demonstrated project management skills in former roles. In many organizations’ tech departments, there are many moving parts IT employees must manage and oversee on a regular basis. As you enter a tech job, you’ll be expected to handle multiple responsibilities while potentially delegating tasks and assignments to others. Articulating to employers that you have experience managing projects (even if they are non-tech related) will enhance your qualifications and give you an edge over other candidates on the job market.

There are numerous transferable skills that can easily be applied to a successful tech career. By promoting your specific transferable skills, you can shine as a candidate and improve your job search outcomes.

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