Transitioning to a Career in Cloud Computing

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Career in Cloud Computing

Have you been working in the tech industry for years and are now looking to shift your career focus? If you have aspirations of bringing your IT career to new levels, it may be the ideal time to consider making the transition to a career in cloud computing. Many professionals in traditional IT roles are increasingly taking on jobs related to the cloud, giving them leverage to advance to higher positions and earn greater salaries. As you consider your IT employment options, here are some tips for transitioning into a career in cloud computing:

Showcase your current technical skills

There is a wide range of IT jobs requiring skills that would be easily transferable to a successful cloud career. Evaluating your specific abilities and knowledgebase in your current career will be essential in showcasing your qualifications and credentials in cloud-related technologies to potential employers. Some types of IT jobs that can serve as a segue into a cloud career include database administrator, application developer, system administrator, and networking engineer. Highlighting the relevant expertise from your IT specialty and describing how you’ll apply it to a cloud role will show employers you have the critical technical abilities and experience to perform the job.

Earn a cloud computing certification

Adding a cloud computing certification to your resume can significantly enhance your existing credentials and give you the necessary background to perform a cloud-based job with the greatest degree of confidence and competence. There are many benefits of a cloud computing certification, including increased earning potential, better job security, and greater eligibility for a broader range of IT employment opportunities. There are several types of cloud computing certifications available, allowing you to choose a program that aligns most with the type of cloud positions you want, as well as your overall professional goals.

Make networking a priority

One of the most underrated ways to successfully leverage your current experience into a career in cloud computing is to grow your network of contacts in the cloud computing field. Making a habit of regularly connecting with new people on relevant industry sites and social media forums will expose you to companies actively hiring in the field, as well as helping you find IT projects to grow your cloud portfolio. In many cases, you may come across freelance work and projects that require cloud expertise. The more experience you acquire in the field, the more competitive and desirable you will become to employers in your network and beyond.

As the cloud continues to transform the IT world, there’s never been a more exciting time to embrace this evolving area of the tech industry. Following the recommendations outlined above will be key to making this transition and forging a rewarding new career path in IT.

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