Updating Your IT Resume with Contract Work

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IT resume with contract work

Are you a talented IT professional ready to leverage your contract work experience to land your next exciting opportunity? If you’re unsure how to best present your contract work history to employers, making the appropriate updates to your resume can help tremendously. Taking time to demonstrate your contract employment in a meaningful and compelling way is essential for increasing your marketability among future employers. Here are some key tips for updating your IT resume with contract work:

Create clear and concise employment headlines.

Because your history of contract IT work may be extensive, it’s important to break down past contract positions in clear and concise descriptions so they are easy for hiring managers to read. A headline for each contract position that states the job title, affiliated staffing agency, and the dates you worked will allow the reader to get an overview of your employment history before delving into the details of each job. Underneath each contract job headline, you can then include 3-5 bulleted descriptions about your responsibilities, projects, and achievements at each placement.

Group jobs by focus area or concentration.

Because the nature of IT contract jobs can vary, it’s best to group them by their focus area or concentration whenever possible. For example, if you’ve completed a few contract IT positions specifically in networking engineering, list these jobs together so they provide a cohesive overview of your experience in this area. In some cases, it may make more sense to group contract jobs together by staffing firm, listing employment associated with the same recruiting agency under one section. Organizing your contract work in this manner will make it easier for employers to scan your levels of experience in different facets of the IT industry.

Highlight your most relevant skills and qualifications.

While you may have had a vast degree of contract IT work, it’s best to focus on highlighting the skills and accomplishments specifically related to the types of jobs you’re seeking. You can customize your contract employment resume by including a description of tasks, projects, or assignments completed that are most similar to those in the field or position of interest to you. Additionally, adjusting your resume to highlight traits like flexibility or adaptability can be impactful, as these are often critical for success in the IT field.

When presented the right way, contract IT employment can significantly enhance your resume and help you attract jobs that are best aligned with your skills and credentials.

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