Women in Tech: Tips for Advancing Your Career

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Women in Tech: Tips for Advancing Your Career

Are you a woman in the tech industry who’s struggling to make a name for herself? It’s no secret that IT is largely a male-dominated field; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right mindset, tools and guidance, women can carve out their own pathways to successful careers in the tech world, and most importantly, empower other women to do the same. As you seek to grow your tech career, here are a few tips for excelling in this male-dominated industry:

Promote your specific skills and expertise.

Because women are often perceived in society as “less technical,” it’s critically important to promote your specific skills and areas of expertise – especially during job interviews when you’ll be compared to many male candidates. Highlighting exactly why you’re a fit for a certain job will demonstrate to the employer that you have the ability to perform the role at a highly functioning level. The more assertive and direct you are in presenting your qualifications, the more seriously you’ll be taken throughout the interview process.     

Build a network of female colleagues.

Being proactive about building a strong and robust network of female colleagues can make working in a male-dominated field far less isolating. By regularly connecting with other women through social networking channels and in-person industry events, you will gain more confidence and enjoy opportunities to share meaningful professional experiences. Having access to a community of like-minded professionals will also allow you to learn from female colleagues in the tech industry who can potentially help you advance in your career. The key to effective network-building is to regularly communicate with your contacts so you can sustain these relationships throughout your professional journey.   

Seek mentorship in the workplace.

To thrive in the workplace, mentorship can play a major role in giving you the guidance, skills and insights to improve your performance and navigate life as a woman in tech. Establishing strong relationships with supervisors, managers and colleagues at your company is instrumental in helping you learn how to effectively handle challenges on the job and overcome common roadblocks. Whether it’s showing initiative by taking on a new project with a colleague or having lunch with a manager, there are many ways to connect with mentors in the workplace.   

As you can see, taking a multi-faceted approach to your career is key to reaching your greatest potential in the tech fieldWomen who proactively seek professional growth and support in the tech industry will ultimately achieve the greatest degree of excellence in the field.

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