What’s Killing Workplace Productivity?

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Workplace Distractions

You spend dozens of hours each week at work, and most of that time is spent diligently working on projects. So how come you’re not meeting deadlines and quotas? It could be because you are more distracted at work than you realize.

Due to distractions, you’re not spending all or even most of that time working productively. Make the most of your time at work by watching out for these common workplace distractions:

Cell phones

Responding to a text might not take much time, but while you’re responding, you interrupt your thought process and lose the focus you had before you picked up your phone. Try to limit phone usage to lunch and break times.


A quick survey of your favorite sites can quickly lead to a lost half hour. We all know that the Internet is distracting, addictive, and basically endless. Try to stay off until you have a prolonged break from work.


Everyone loves a good piece of gossip, but this is a workplace not a high school. If you want to discuss the latest rumor, do it during a time when you’re not struggling to get things done.

Social Media

Like the Internet, social media can easily become a black hole. Acknowledge the sway it has on all of us and resist the temptation to log onto Facebook during work hours.


The endless barrage of emails can make it impossible to focus fully on anything. Rather than trying to respond to each message immediately, carve out 15-30 minutes every few hours to get yourself caught up. Most messages don’t require an immediate response.


The workday shouldn’t exclude friendly conversation with co-workers, but recognize the impact it has on your work. When you’re busy, try to avoid getting sucked into chatter. Similarly, make sure you’re not the one pulling co-workers into conversation.


Some meetings are important and some are not. If you feel that you and your team meet face to face more often than is necessary, don’t hesitate to bring it up with your co-workers or boss.


It doesn’t take a lot of sound to ruin your concentration. If you work in a noisy office, consider bringing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Ready to Get to Work?

There is a real impact to eliminating distraction from your workday. As you become more productive and efficient, you will catch the attention of superiors for your impressive output. That can lead directly to bonuses, raises, and promotion opportunities. Discover other clever ways to advance your career faster by working with the team at INSPYR Solutions.

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