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As an IT professional, your focus is often on gaining certifications and learning the latest technologies. But in order to stand out in today’s competitive job market, you also need to focus on the soft skills that employers are looking for. As you work your way through the recruitment process, make sure that you highlight these qualities.

Culture Fit

IT innovation is often born more out of collaboration and creativity than sheer technical ability. That is why hiring managers are looking for recruits that are a good fit for their office culture. As you go through the interview process, expect to be asked questions about your preferred work environment and the type of atmosphere you thrive in. If you can demonstrate that you are a good fit for the established company culture, you are much more likely to be invited to join the team.


Being able to effectively communicate in person and in writing is a crucial skill for today’s employees, even if you work in a technical field where you mostly work on your own. In fact, being able to clearly distribute information is more important than ever, given how many means of communications we now rely on. This soft skill is especially important if you hope to enter a management position.


Given the pace of change in today’s high-tech fields, it is essential for IT employees to take professional development seriously. The skills you rely on now could be completely irrelevant in 10 years. That is why recruiters look for candidates who seek out opportunities to master new hardware and software while staying engaged with the broader tech community.


One of the qualities that jumps out on a resume is a history of being able to quickly and competently respond to changing circumstances. Employees who are too set in their ways often prove to be ineffective team members when they are asked to work outside of their comfort zone. IT employees have to demonstrate that they can meet any expectation, not just the ones that they are predicting.


Given the collaborative nature of today’s IT work, there is no room for an employee who can’t make a meaningful contribution to a team. The most attractive IT candidates are willing to learn their role, live up to it entirely, and find ways to support other team members in the process. You can demonstrate your teamwork abilities during the recruitment process by emphasizing group, rather than individual, achievements.

Make sure these soft skills are a part of your repertoire, and you will set yourself apart from other IT professionals who have similar credentials. Learn more about getting the job you want by working with INSPYR Solutions.

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